Important Precautions for MHADA Lottery

Please take note  of the following instructions

  1. Ascertain your correct income category based on guidelines mention at 1.2.2 in the information booklet
  2. Write your PAN card no. correctly
  3. Your personal saving bank account no. for refund should be unique and can not be used by others
  4. Joint bank account / Current account / NRI account should not be used
  5. Mobile no. / email id should be written collectly as all communication will be done on mobile / email
  6. Person below 18 years of age can not apply for MHADA lottery 2015
  7. Applicant should not have any house / residential plot, in his / her name or in the name of his / her spouse and minor children within the juridisection of the concerned local authority
  8. Wrong information given in the application form would lead to rejection of application
  9. All the "Terms and Conditions" mentioned in the information booklet for MHADA lottery 2015 applies. Please read them carefully




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