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Procedure for NOC for Repairs with or without reimbursement.

The following procedure should be adopted while submitting the proposals of NOC for repair to cessed building in Island City of Mumbai.

  1. The proposal should be submitted in duplicate.
  2. While submitting the proposal, the following information should be given.
    • Name of the building.
    • Cess No. of building.
    • Category of building.
    • Type of construction.
    • Name of owner.
    • Number of floors.
    • Built up area.
    • No. of tenant/ occupants ( R ) + ( NR ) = Total
    • Whether the Building requires repairs.
    • If yes please give following details.
    • Phase I /II / III / IV
    • Amount of Administrative Approval.
    • Date of Administrative Approval.
    • Expenditure incurred upto last phase in Rs.
    • Rate / as per expenditure incurred.
    • Permissible ceiling limit
    • Fund available.
    • Salient features of proposal.
  3. Whether the minimum 70% legal Tenants / Occupants have applied for NOC ---- Yes / No
  4. Whether the NOC holder/s appointed by tenants / occupants are the legal tenant / occupants / owner of the building?
  5. Repair proposed
  6. Opinion of Deputy Engineer.
  7. Opinion of Executive Engineer
  8. While submitting the proposal, Xerox copies of the following documents should be submitted duly certified by Gazetted Officer/ S.E.M or any other authorized person and not by the Architect.
  9. Tenants application / NOC holders application.
  10. Appointment letter of Architect & NOC holder.
  11. Acceptance letter from NOC holders and Architect.
  12. Certified list of tenants / occupants in the following proforma. Room / Shop no Floor Name of Tenants / name of occupant User R/NR Area
1 2 3 4 5 6

The list of tenants / occupants is to be checked by concerned Dy. Engineer and the same is to be certified by Executive Engineer. The Deputy Engineer should certify in the following manner.

The list of tenants / occupants verified by me and found correct.

Without the above certification and following documents the proposal will not be entertained.

  • Agreement on Rs.100 Stamp paper on mutual understanding between tenants / occupants
  • An undertaking on Rs.100/- stamp paper from tenants / occupants accepting the conditions of NOC
  • An undertaking on Rs.100/- stamp paper from the NOC holders / Architect to the effect that the repair work will be carried out as per sanctioned plan and no type of unauthorized work will be executed during course of repairs. If any unauthorized work will be carried out during course of repairs, the Architect / NOC holders will be held personally responsible. In such a case, Board’s registration of the Architect and Contractor will be cancelled.
  • Plan of proposed repairs to be carried out.
  • Latest repair cess bill showing the upto date payment.