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  1. The Authority derives its duties and functions relating to estate management from chapter – IV of MHADA Act, 1976. The rules and regulations are framed for this purpose in accordance with the Act. The principal functions of management are: -
  • Allotment of residential and non-residential tenements and plots.
  • Assessment and recovery of lease rent/rent, service charges, hire purchases installments.
  • Conveyance of property.
  • Allotment of transit tenements and allotment of reconstruction tenements to the occupants/tenants of old/cessed buildings.
  • Providing proper amenities and maintenance of common infrastructural services in the colonies.

All these functions are performed through field office of Regional Board

  1. The Estate Management functions are implemented and monitored at four different levels as follows:
  • MHADA : Policy formulation, Reviewing/Monitoring of all functions carried out by regional boards. Policy decision in respect of issue behind the preview of regional board.
  • Chief office with estate management departments and zones headed by Dy. CO/EM. :Implementations of policies, pre-allotment activities and monitoring of estate management functions in respect of post-allotment functions in all the zones under the Board & Conveyance of properties.
  • Estate Management zone of the board : Activities related with post-allotment work/field works, colonywise documentation, recovery of dues, matters arising headed by estate after allotment like TOT, Maintain, property register, payment f Municipal water bills, etc. Updating of Rents rolls, initiating actions against defaulters, raising demand, identifying unauthorisedly occupied premises, etc.
  • Rent Collectors : These fields level offices are mainly involved in actual recovery of rent/service charges etc., supervision/regulatory work.